Audience Measurement

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Audience Measurement

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  • Broadcast Audience Research Board (BARB) measures UK’s TV viewing habits
  • This is obtained from a panel of 5,100 homes which represent the UK demographically and geographically
  • These homes return data from around 11,300 viewers
  • The Panel is continually adjusted and updated to ensure that it reflects the television owning population
  • Each home on the panel is given a set-top box which monitors their TV set and video recorders
  • All members of the household are allocated a button on a handset, which they press to indicate they are watching the TV
  • This panel data is fed overnight down the telephone line to Barb (Broadcast Audience Research Board)
  • Overnight (Live) minute by minute ratings are available to some agaencies via mediaocean the following day
  • Channels reported by BARB provide detailed timings of their programmes and when matched with the viewing data produce the official audience estimates
  • 9 days later consolidated ratings are issued which include PVR playback within 7 days

Important to note that any adverts viewed more than 7 days post transmission are often free

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