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SEO is still a major marketing channel to increase visits, awareness and sales/revenue. There are many facets and intricacies of SEO that need to work together to bring about the desired results. SEO is primarily to increase rankings for keywords and to also increase the volume of keywords that the site appears for.

In many of the site reviews I’ve completed over the years, I’ve often find SEO traffic often decreasing YOY and the proportion of SEO traffic converting decreasing too. From an SEO point of view this is what’s called “endangered SEO” where there is a real possibility that your SEO is becoming almost extinct and traffic becoming more and more reliant on brand & direct terms.

However, you can take positive steps quickly to address these issues – begin by educating the full potential of SEO and natural search within your organisation.

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    SEO Considerations

    Keyword Research= you may want to start by conducting research to identify keywords that could be targeted. Keywords are chosen using various data points and grouped by priority (low , medium , high , quick wins).

    SEO Technical Report = you may want to produce a report to highlight areas of optimization for On-Site SEO (site/page elements that affect SEO).

    SEO Targets = Using the keyword research, monthly targets they could be set out for both link volumes, target keywords, type of link and content structure

    SEO Link-building= you may want to start with a monthly acquisition of external links that have been optimized for SEO results. Links are acquired through various strategies; mainly the distribution and syndication of unique content to bloggers/editorial sites and social platforms. This content could be created and contain contextual links pointing back to your website.

    SEO Competitions= you may want to use external sites to host competitions which engage a significant amount of users. These competitions will produce social signals and comments which in turns add weight to the back-links from the host to ‘your site’. A proven and effective strategy that could be unique to your business online.

    SEO PR = you may want to put together a PR distributed strategy e.g. via a newswire for SEO benefit (trusted and high authority back-links) with the possibility of being picked up by journalists for re-publication.

    Internal/External Content Marketing= you may want to look at the creation of industry leading unique content that users want and share via all platforms.

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    High Level SEO Goals

    • Increase ranking for keyword targets
    • Increase visit growth and engagement
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Increase sales/revenue
    • Increase the visibility of your website’ (increase the volume of keywords that your rank for)
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    Onsite Site Structure & Content Goals

    • Analyse competitors & decide on content requirements
    • Plan website structure with content development in mind
    • Business objectives could match content produced onsite
    • Content strategy should be lead by keyword research and affirmation

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