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Ranjit Dhillon Shares 20 Years of Digital and Offline Marketing Experience On Call Centres, Lead Generation, Contact Centres And Telesales

The highly competitive nature of Your industry may mean that your call centre enquiries from your website do not end in an immediate sale – An ideal partner for you to consider may be ZigZag who have pioneered ‘CONNECT’ a tool that could enable your call operators to actively follow up and manage sales enquiries which previously would have been lost. Your could use this easy to use interface for generating tailored emails to follow up ‘unclosed’ inbound enquiries;

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    High-level tips

    ‘CONNECT’from ZigZag;

    • Updated regularly with latest campaigns / offers
    • Triggered emails to mid order abandonment
    • Fully track-able ensuring accurate reporting and allocation of commission

    This inexpensive digital retention solution allows your call centre teams to send follow up communications to In-bound and Outbound calls via email, SMS or digital print.

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    Watch the video: http://vimeo.com/30491818 Case study and results (BT)

    • Over 1,000 BT Call Advisors now using CONNECT
    • Email conversion rates range from 6% to 23%
    • Average call handling time reduced by 8% After receiving a CONNECT email, a massive 87% of BT customers stated they would recommend BT to others. This is over a 400% increase compared to ordinary customers asked the same question

    With this rules set system, you could set a goal to drive 6-10% additional / follow up contacts whilst creating an improved contact strategy.

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