Dynamic individual with excellent interpersonal skills, ability to engage with achieve planned performance outcomes and increased revenue.

Ranjit is a dedicated marketing professional with a wealth of experience, passionate about the sector, with a keen sense of the tried and tested as well as new trends in field of marketing and enthusiastic on the improvement of the performance of his clients.

Adrian Calvert

CEO, All Court Tennis Club

Ranjit was a great mentor to me during my tenure at Lycamobile. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in technology and can really do it all when it comes to development and beyond. What we achieved in a short window of time has taken others years to accomplish. Ranjit is my first call for all things digital!

Christine Chang

Senior Global Manager at MESHKI Digital Marketing & Partnerships | EA Sports Alum

Ranjit is what you would get out of an excellent manager who is also a very good friend. Ranjit is an extremely professional and results driven individual who has a passion for all things digital and marketing. He has always been a very supportive individual with a knack to bring out the best in everyone in his team. He has always been clear on KPIs be it design, social media or acquisition. He has an exceptional eye for detail and makes every effort to bring out the best results. I would highly recommend him to any company.

Tapas Sharma

Head of Brand Design at Nutmeg, Vice President at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Ranjit is a seasoned digital pro able to work and thrive in challenging environments, questioning the status quo, continuing to push the value of digital. Ranjit’s got a great deal of experience in graphic design as well leadership and digital team management and could be a asset in many organisations.

David Bain

Podcast Producer & Online Show Host

I had the pleasure of working with Ranjit during his time at Lycamobile. As part of his media agency team I experienced Ranjit’s passion for marketing and eCommerce. Having Ranjit as client was both enjoyable and a professional challenge as he expertly pushed to get the most from the agency and myself. Ranjit’s relentless focus on innovation and performance is admirable and an asset to any marketing team.

William Hughes

Digital Media Account Director at HOME

Ranjit is one of those bigger than life Digital Performance and Ecommerce Growth Strategist I’ve had the pleasure of working with when he was consulting as Head of Ecommerce.

Key to his strategic and KPI goals was the need for recruiting a highly talented marketing acquisition and insight team. With his expert knowledge of all areas of digital performance his precision and brief to me was a pleasure to work with to help recruit top talent swiftly.

I would highly recommend, if there is a company in need for a digital sales growth strategist Ranjit is who I would always look to first!

Seema Shah

Director, Talent Acquisition

Seema Shah

Ranjit is one of the best managers I’ve ever worked with. He is a seasoned Digital Head of Online and e-commerce specialist who can be fully trusted to deliver exceptional strategies with positive commercial outcomes.

Ranjit offers a welcoming level of leadership and management skills, he built an international team of online marketing specialists and his creative and technical skills provided outstanding direction and commercial results for Lycamobile Group on a global scale. I would recommend Ranjit highly to any company wishing to take their digital ambitions to the next level.

Alexander Atanasov

SEO manager, WorldRemit

Ranjit is an inspiring leader with an incredible drive who truly makes a difference. His extensive experience and knowledge in marketing, design/UX and e-commerce make him stand out as a high-profile strategist. I’ve learnt a lot from Ranjit.

Sylvain Meneux

Head of Marketing, Upper Street Events Ltd

I have had the pleasure of working with Ranjit on over 30 projects over the past few years. He has a passion for all that he does and knows how to get things done on time through great organisational and team working skills. With a great understanding of business and a focus on ROI his approach to all projects always ensures that every click can be tracked, measured and optimised. He is a perfectionist on everything digital!

Pritesh Ghelani

Head of Online, Liquid Bubble Media Ltd

Ranjit is a passionate and energetic Online specialist, who is always quick to challenge the status quo, present new ideas and design solutions that fit well with marketing goals. With his deep digital media, website and online experience, Ranjit delivers great conversion performance and would be an asset in any digital arena.

Jason Lawson

Head of Marketing, Commercial | Global | High Growth | Advisor | Consultant

Ranjit is a hands-on, results-oriented online director. He has passion, energy and dedication for the job. His great knowledge of online media and site optimisation make him a key asset in any digital organisation. Ranjit loves challenges, always optimistic and driven, he is a pleasure to work with.

Vincent Potier

Managing Director at Vonage

Helping clients drive engagement, growth and reward through digital conversion (Email, Search, Websites and Mobile)

October 23, 2012, Alexis reported directly to Ranjit

If everybody had a boss like Ranjit, employees the world over would love being at work.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for Ranjit’s management/mentorship – he taught me so many vital skills, many of which I use today. As far as management goes, Ranjit has it all; he is extremely supportive but firm, takes work very seriously but always has a smile on his face. He will manage and direct you when you need it and empower you when you are ready – his team’s development is always high on his list of interests.

His strategic planning, drive to deliver and attention to detail is second to none and he will train/share his knowledge with everyone and anyone who is willing to learn. Ranjit has extremely high standards and always works hard to ensure everything he does is a success – which he somehow manages to make contagious.

Ranjit is the best manager I ever worked with. I really hope we get to work together again one day.

Alexis Davis

Digital and Email Marketing Manager at Citybond PLC

Ranjit has significant online marketing expertise which he uses to deliver ROI results consistently. Ranjit has tons of energy and there is never a dull moment when working with him. He has the unique ability to create a team who become as passionate about delivering the online strategy and behind the online vision as himself. Put simply if there is one person who knows all there is to know about online and enhancing the customer experience, Ranjit is the man!

Pamela Brown

Head of Marketing & Insight at British Gas

Ranjit is a thriving, entrepreneurial doer. He gets things done and gets people around him to embrace it too; a rare skill. He manages up and down the chain of command. We achieved many things together and cut new ground for BT. A visionary perfectionist.

Angus Norriss

Executive Director at OMD EMEA (client: Disney)

Ranjit is an excellent manager who provides direction, guidance and dedication to his job and your career. He has a proven track record in delivering outstanding results and online projects. He is a practical and approachable person who i would highly recommend to any professional

Brooke Girling

Online Marketing Manager at BT

Ranjit worked for me in 1995-2002 on the successful development and launch of the Financial Times’ website He now offers an wealth of digital and online marketing experience, which I still value today. Few match his deep knowledge and understanding of conversion marketing through multiple channels be it ppc, display, email, sms, seo and social media. Plus, as he always tells me, he’s a great guy to work with. And he is.

Paul Maidment

Head of Editorial at Financial Times, Forbes and Bystander Media

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