First or Last Click?

Ranjit Dhillon Shares Digital Marketing Tips on best practice First or Last click campaign measurement, PPC, SEO, Social Media, Landing Pages, PPC Marketing, Brand Awareness And Social Media Marketing

First or Last Click?

I’ve often found first-click attribution for telephone numbers on your website can skew sales towards PPC and SEO, changing to last click could redistribute the sales amongst the channels that converted to a call (particularly Affiliates / SEO / Social platforms).

By not changing the telephone number to this principle it can result in attributing the offline sales to old/outdated marketing efforts. (Advertising that has been pulled / plans that are no longer available / creative that has been edited / landing page changes / marketing channels that have been stopped etc).

I’ve found first-click is more often focused towards brand awareness/exposure rather than driving a conversion (sale/subscription)….which creative/marketing effort actually pushed the user over the tipping point to call and commit.

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