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Are you questioning your current PPC strategy and ROI?

If your PPC strategy is in its infancy (or non-existent) you may want to start by what’s in short clicks charged purely through your company brand terms. You may want to re-focus your strategy on lower CPC, higher converting/profit keywords, broad match and long-tail customer searches outside your brand.

I often find many small or emerging online and e-commerce businesses are unable to afford to target the top generic terms immediately (as the websites low conversion rate may mean that the cost per booking high volume keywords is too high).

What may be high-value keyword terms (out of reach to support PPC ROI) you could optimise and target these terms through creating targeted content, website landing pages, social media channels and use natural search optimization to help reduce planned Brand/Generic keyword PPC bidding costs.

Your strategy could be more aligned with affordable ROI rather than highest profit until any planned website redesign to improve CR’s reduces these limitations and barriers.

PPC is still a key tool for picking up demand that other channels have driven especially TV, Radio and Outdoor marketing.

There are many intricacies that go into any advanced PPC strategy – your strategy may want to consider some of the suggestions outlined below;

  • Your website’s landing pages page form an important part of the on-site user journey and forms an important part of the online conversion path, with a % of total visits using this page as part of their journey to convert.
  • There may be significant traffic opportunities through your businesses related keywords: X daily clicks – X weekly clicks – X monthly clicks.
  • Using both the on-site click path analysis and offsite traffic opportunities, you have a strong basis to build out specific and related landing pages to improve your QS, Avg.CPC, conversion rate and ultimately sales and CPA from these pages.
  • You could create a portfolio of targeted (dynamically built where possible) PPC keyword landing pages to support traffic directed from paid for and long tail PPC keyword terms – these could aim to have Static Campaign specific URL Creations
  • With above, you could aim to improve QS, avg.CPC, conversion rate thus CPA and ROAS, alongside a better user experience for your potential customer which involves all metrics mentioned.
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    • You could restructure the account to both improve both brand & generic performance across QS, Avg. CPC, and ROAS metrics. Working with SEO teams in tangent your could look to create PPC pages to leverage neck, and long-tail terms to drive better conversion rate, with the overall intention to add to site and help increase organic visibility.
    • If your operation is international, you could leverage the amount of users globally, as a method to improve engagement and conversions in your home country through PPC ad copy.
    • You could be more tailored and creative in ad copy.
    • You could optimize site links across generic and paid activity to improve link quality and volume to site.
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    Generic Test-bed Creation

    In order to increase CTR, CVR and avg.CPC a test-bed could be created across generics to test:

    • Device
    • Location
    • Display URL
    • Landing page testing
    • Content
    • Price point
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    Bid Management Solutions

    • You could devolve deeper to understand what technology would be best to use, and the best methods to use it.
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    High Level PPC Goals

    • Increase traffic to site
    • Effectively match competitors in their offers and USPs
    • Increase sales and conversions
    • Pick up other media sales as end of funnel marketing channel
    • Achieve clicks and conversions at the most efficient cost

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