Strategic Sales & Marketing steps to achieve long-term success online


As with many of the challenges we face for growing a business may this be an existing or a start-up, Ranjit Dhillon would recommend the following strategic steps to be considered for your long term success online today.

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    Short Term

    Discovery phase:

    This phase would help better understand where we are and drive us towards where we want to be.

    • Tracking: tech audit to ensure all is 100% (e.g. GA)
    • SWOT/PEST analysis
    • Gap analysis audits
    • KPI marketing channel setting and audit
    • Big data deep-dive audit of customer purchase patterns
    • Logistics review (end-to-end)
    • Keyword acquisition & SERPs analysis
    • Competitor benchmark analysis
    • Audit & of all marketing channels performance and UX
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    Medium Term

    Delivery phase:

    This phase will help realise potential gaps and business opportunities.

    • Robust tracking in place = 100%
    • Brand positioning (online and in marketplace)
    • Persona development and customer target market positioning
    • Delivery team recruitment
    • Sales Goals & Targets setting
    • Marketing and sales target planning
    • App/AI development
    • Acquisition, loyalty, retention and reputation strategy & plan
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    Long Term

    Growth Phase:

    This phase will help expand new product & business opportunities from what we’ll have gathered from phases 1 and 2.

    • VAS
    • Product expansion
    • Territory & Global expansion
    • Diversification (look-a-like) retargeting
    • Partnerships & Aggregators

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