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If you have one, your Online Display marketing channel should primarily be viewed as a brand awareness channel – consumers who are first exposed to display advertising often return to the site through PPC or SEO. Display could also act as an incremental sales driver, a number of customers do convert by directly clicking through on display banners. It is possible to measure the CPA of these direct sales. Inventory is purchased through a network, DSP or site-direct buys.

The display channel could also be used to retarget consumers who have visited your site. It is possible to serve a relevant message to these consumers dependent on the pages they visit on your website.

CPA BuysCPA buys are the most cost-efficient display campaigns to run.  There is no up-front investment; payment could only be made to the display network for the total EOM sales delivery.  A certain budget could be allocated to each network per month, with a target sales delivery figure in line with your investment.

CPM BuysCPM buys sometimes have the potential to perform better than CPA buys.  Investment could be committed to the network at the beginning of the campaign, offering the opportunity to invest in higher quality inventory.  Sales targets could be set in line with this investment; however, eCPAs may often be higher than with CPA buys.

Campaign OptimizationCPA and CPM buys could be optimized by the display network.  Budget could be invested in a wide range of inventory, based on your target audiences, in order to capture the attention of any interested consumers.  The range of inventory purchased could then be optimized to focus on inventory with the highest CTRs and CVRs.

Site-direct BuysTo target specific audiences i.e. a country / community, you could make it possible to secure site-direct buys.  CPM rates as we know are often higher than for CPM buys as we are purchasing premium inventory and volumes are limited.  However, response can be greater due to targeting a niche audience/s.

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    Creative optimisation

    • Your ads could be served on rotation, auto-optimized towards the best CTRs – the most successful ads could be shown more frequently.  It could be important to refresh these base creative’s regularly – every Quarter – in order to prevent banner blindness.
    • Retargeting could be put in place to serve relevant ads to consumers who have visited the site, dependent on the last page they have visited.  It could be made possible to quickly change the messaging in these dynamically retargeted creative’s.
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    High Level Online Display Goals

    • Increase reach through incremental sales delivery
    • Improve efficiency by reducing eCPA’s
    • Increase brand awareness and sales/subscriptions driven through other channels
    • Use SEO, PPC and social media techniques plus marketing momentum to support channel conversions.
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    You may also consider;

    • You could create dynamic banners with data collated pre-click.
    • You could update the creative and A/B test (monthly/by campaign).
    • You could update the CTA’s dynamically to those keywords with highest CTR – plus don’t forget to A/B test your creative and messaging.
    • You could re-target all the PPC/SEO landing pages on your website.
    • You could update copy dynamically using keywords that you know convert for PPC/SEO/Social + any online survey learning’s you may have conducted.
    • You could look to create a set of engaging display ads (review the best out there and employ best practices – in line with your website presence to create a seamless UX).
    • Your may want to tie creative in line with your email retention and acquisition strategy.
    • Your may look at using dynamic display technology outside of website visitor re-targeting (PPC, Affiliate, SEO, Mobile, Social media and Aggregators etc…)

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